Worth Revisiting:The Vacuum Cleaner Syndrome

Fallen man wants to run his own life and take control. Letting go of this control seems extremely difficult because it is hard to trust a God you cannot see and usually cannot feel or hear.  However, when we refuse to give up control and submit to the Father, we shut out the power of the…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting:The Vacuum Cleaner Syndrome

Admitt Defeat and Soar

Christian spirituality, inner transformation and contemplation are not at all what I first imagined them to be. I initially began this inner journey with earnest striving, depending on my discipline and will power.JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN, l failed miserably because striving to transform myself spiritually into a person of Love and Light is sort of like an ant straining…… Continue reading Admitt Defeat and Soar

All HE Needs

We tend to rush around during Advent to get everything done before Christmas but the Church calls us to stand still in our hearts, waiting in silence, listening for the voice of God. Word sensed interiorly:          You think you are building my Church With all your hectic activity. BUT You are…… Continue reading All HE Needs

Sunday Snippets

It’s almost Sunday so it’s time to join with other Catholic bloggers at RAnn’s Place where we share our previous week’s posts. The two posts I have chosen are: DEC. 22/2012: ‘TIS A GIFT TO BE SIMPLE https://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/2012/12/22/dec-222012-tis-a-gift-to-be-simple/ and LIFE OR DEATH: A FOUR-YEAR OLD CHOOSES https://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/life-or-death-a-four-year-old-chooses/

Dec. 22/2012: ‘Tis a Gift To Be Simple

Why are we so quick to latch onto pronouncements from prophets or ancient societies that give us a heads up on the future? Each time a doomsday warning snatches the top spot in the news media many of us are sure that this time we know the exact date of our death. It seems we would rather have bad…… Continue reading Dec. 22/2012: ‘Tis a Gift To Be Simple