Worth Revisiting: Kids + Pets= Joyful Spirituality

Money might have been tight in our large family and life a bit messy but our lives were filled with activity and fun because God’s creatures were part of our lives. Animals helped transform us into a playful and joyful family who sensed the Love of God in, with and through our pets. The simplest…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Kids + Pets= Joyful Spirituality

Joyful Spirituality: Kids + Pets

The simplest way to play with our kids is in nature, especially with pets or farm animals. Have you noticed how a toddler delights in the mere glimpse of a dog or cat? Even a  goldfish on the counter or a hamster in a small apartment will fascinate a small child with their antics. For…… Continue reading Joyful Spirituality: Kids + Pets