Trying To Love

I do not want to die only to discover I was playing society’s ever-changing games and was so caught up in myself that I forgot why I am on earth. I have been called to love, to even lay down my life for others. I usually fail because it is impossible to love effectively without…… Continue reading Trying To Love

Worth Revisiting: You THINK You’re Building My Church

  Words whispered in my heart. You think you are building my Church With all your hectic activity. But in reality you are not helping me at all You are hindering my true work on earth.   All I want, All I need, Is for you to Come and stand At the foot of my…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: You THINK You’re Building My Church

Refusing to Play Games

I do not want to die, only to discover I was playing society’s games, games which were dependant on the time and place I was born, rules which changed constantly.  I do not want to be so caught up in work, business, squabbles about doctrine and ritual, that I lose sight of Truth. How devastating…… Continue reading Refusing to Play Games

Human Love Will Never Be Enough

   As Christians we are often surprised to discover that we are not as Christian as we suppose. Many attitudes from secular society lurk deep in our minds and hearts. Our attitudes to love and friendship are no exception. Do you find yourself waiting secretly for your knight in shining armour to whisk you off your feet…… Continue reading Human Love Will Never Be Enough

Can We Love Another Completely?

“We can love completely—even without complete understanding…”  God understands completely; HE will be the bridge between our heart and those who need our love Remembering last year… One of my daughters Shattered , Pieces flew everywhere Slapping everyone in the face Shocking Freezing Thwarting all attempts to love her. We were all in agony Our…… Continue reading Can We Love Another Completely?

Is it Truth or SOPHISTRY?

Years ago, I was washing up some pots, just before dinner, when all of a sudden a word popped into my head, seemingly out of nowhere. I turned around and blurted out to my kids, who were doing homework around the kitchen table, “Sophistry! The word that keeps coming to me is sophistry.” Of course…… Continue reading Is it Truth or SOPHISTRY?