Marriage: Drawn Into the Trinity

My husband and I simply sat next to each other. Suddenly, without praying first Without warning I felt a strong bar of steel like light pulled from my chest to my husband, With another bar stretching from both of us up to God. Within this triangle of light, Infused with the power of the Trinity,…… Continue reading Marriage: Drawn Into the Trinity

Playing God

God designed us so that only His love will fill the desperate desires of our hearts. Counter to what secular society would lead us to believe, only God can meet man’s core need for love. Countless marriages end up in divorce because people have embraced the crazy notion that the man of their dreams will…… Continue reading Playing God

Human Love Will Never Be Enough

   As Christians we are often surprised to discover that we are not as Christian as we suppose. Many attitudes from secular society lurk deep in our minds and hearts. Our attitudes to love and friendship are no exception. Do you find yourself waiting secretly for your knight in shining armour to whisk you off your feet…… Continue reading Human Love Will Never Be Enough

The Teeter-Totter Syndrome: Saint vs. Sinner?

Yup, Louie looks like the bad guy sitting on the low-end of the teeter-totter; Victoria seems the perfect , suffering saint. Look again!  At first glance, the relationship looks bleak. Victoria, with low self-esteem and a victim complex, is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Louie, her husband does love her but he is a miserable…… Continue reading The Teeter-Totter Syndrome: Saint vs. Sinner?

Sunday Snippets: Holiness

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly at RAnn’s  to share our best posts with each other. A Saint Lets God do All the Work God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways: Thank Heaven!    

God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways: Thank Heaven!

who would have thought? I met Michael, who was just passing through Regina, Saskatchewan to British Columbia. From that very first, meeting, it felt like the prairie wind had swooped down and scattered all my work and plans. When I first met my future husband, I weighed 98 lbs. I had just graduated with an Honours…… Continue reading God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways: Thank Heaven!

7QT Friday: University,a Wedding,the Sacred Heart

I am childless for the first time in 33 1/2 years as my ninth child starts university!                                        I was always sad when summer was over and school began. I enjoyed the relaxed, hot days of summer with…… Continue reading 7QT Friday: University,a Wedding,the Sacred Heart

Sunday Snippets

It’s time for another round of Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival, hosted by RAnn of This, That & The Other Thing. I picked two posts for my contribution this week. Musings beside the wood stove. Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You’ve Got a Teddy Baby? I would wrap the newborn tightly in a warm blanket…… Continue reading Sunday Snippets