Trusting and Resting in the Tradition of the Church

As a young university student who was looking into the Catholic Church, I was confused because I had been taught to believe God’s revelations were confined to the Bible. I was surprised to learn the Bible itself urges us to follow oral traditions: So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you…… Continue reading Trusting and Resting in the Tradition of the Church

Mothers in Control: Holy Vacuum Cleaners?

Ah, mothers. Aren’t they great? Always running around serving, Acting like a combination of Martha and Mary. A+ Mums, who are in control, right? Think again. When any one of us, whether a mother or not, refuses to give up control, we shut out the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact, we end up acting just…… Continue reading Mothers in Control: Holy Vacuum Cleaners?

The Oldest Images of Mary

I found eight of the oldest images of Mary on a site called Church Pop One of the oldest images of Mary was found in the Catacombs and is dated around the 2nd century. A fascinating carving in stone is thought to be from the 3rd century and features the three Magi bringing gifts to the…… Continue reading The Oldest Images of Mary

Asian Interpretations of Mary

We are accustom to beautiful images of Mary picturing her as a white, European. However, she was from the Middle East and most likely looked Middle Eastern. Artist’s models and concepts of beauty are influenced by their culture. Now artists are emerging who are painting Mary as if she was born in their country because…… Continue reading Asian Interpretations of Mary

Images of Mary You Have Never Seen Before

Images of the Virgin, pale, limp, crying with her eyes rolled back in her head do not appeal to me. I like great art and not shoddy paintings or modern images which border on the obscene. So, I have collected 3,509 images of the Madonna on Pinterest which either appeal to me or are of…… Continue reading Images of Mary You Have Never Seen Before

Worth Revisiting: Become Like Children

Some religious people would maintain only a mature, adult Christian can act lovingly, with a conscience. Yet Pope Francis and even Sacred Scriptures disagree with this narrow view. . St. Paul explains God will judge everyone by much how truth God has revealed to them. If a tribe hidden in a jungle has never heard the gospel, God will  judge them…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: Become Like Children

Obscure, Captivating Images of Mary

I really do not like some religious art. You know the type, pale, weak looking saints with their eyes rolled back in their heads as they gaze into heaven,  pained expressions on their faces. In some of these works, Mary is contemplative or solemn but there is depth to her. Some picture her as delicate,…… Continue reading Obscure, Captivating Images of Mary