Finger-pointing: The “Sins” of Pope Francis

I am appalled by commentators and writers who quickly denounce Pope Francis, often misinterpreting or twisting the meaning of his comments by taking them out of context. These critics are acting like the‘ the accuser of our brethren… which accused them before our God day and night’. [Revelation 12:7-12] They seem poised, ready to pounce on any hint of his…… Continue reading Finger-pointing: The “Sins” of Pope Francis

At ACWB, Stats Have Risen Dramatically

I started moderating The Association Of Catholic Women Bloggers in August 2013. After changing the look, I invited Catholic women to come join our family and to share their posts from their blogs. Thank-you first to the Holy Spirit and then to all our writers, especially all our new ones; since July 2013, our reads…… Continue reading At ACWB, Stats Have Risen Dramatically

Come join us at Assocciation for Catholic Women Bloggers

Come visit, SATURDAY, 3 AUGUST 2013 New blog administrator – Melanie Jean Juneau Hi everyone. I have been lurking in the background! Life suddenly got busier with the arrival of my first grandchild – Gabriel in April. Also we seem to have 4 labradors now – lol. Melanie has very kindly agreed to “takeover”…… Continue reading Come join us at Assocciation for Catholic Women Bloggers

CatholicMom ‘s Sarah Reinhard Interviewed Me

  Who Me? How ironic is this? This computer illiterate was interviewed for a column called Tech talk! Catholic Blogger Melanie Jean Juneau By Sarah Reinhard Our Catholic Blogger today, Melanie Jean Juneau, maintains two blogs: Joy of Nine9 andMother of Nine9. She’s a Catholic wife and mother who lives on a hobby farm and whose computer…… Continue reading CatholicMom ‘s Sarah Reinhard Interviewed Me