Why Did God Make Mothers?

How about a little taste of eight-year-old reasoning to act as a reality check to balance all those manipulative commercials and sentimental Mother’s Day cards flooding the market as we get closer to Mother’s day? A warning. The following true comments are not politically correct. So simply laugh and enjoy these hilarious comments from little…… Continue reading Why Did God Make Mothers?

Thank Goodness, Mary Mothers Our Kids

I have failed. I did not mother perfectly. My mother did not mother perfectly Nor did her mother It is an ancestral tragedy piercing my heart with pain It is not merely an intellectual awareness  of my weaknesses It is more than surface hurt feelings It is a deep spiritual wound, A core brokenness Thank…… Continue reading Thank Goodness, Mary Mothers Our Kids

Catholic Carnival

Sunday Snippets – Happy Mother’s Day It’s Sunday so it’s time to join with RAnn for Sunday Snippets where Catholic bloggers share their previous week’s posts.Happy Mother’s Day posts for this week are Thoughts on Grace. Mothers, Do You Act Like a Holy Vacuum Cleaner? Mary is my Real Mum A Whispered Hello