Surprised By Three Miracles

Modern, educated folk tend to dismiss the miraculous, preferring to believe science will eventually provide a plausible explanation for the inexplicable. For the cynical, only the ignorant or gullible set out on desperate pilgrimages seeking cures or chase after Charismatic signs. Many Protestants think miracles were only for the age of dispensation of grace; for…… Continue reading Surprised By Three Miracles

The Year Our Oil Tank Never Needed Filled

Even today, in modern times, miracles happen when we are desperate, without recourse to any other solution to solve our problem. Then the Father supplies our needs. As parents of a large family, we depend on Him to supply a lot of the basic necessities. Not our wants but our needs. Even our sceptical children…… Continue reading The Year Our Oil Tank Never Needed Filled

Accepting Miracles: Embracing Mystery

. The modern world heaps scorn on those who have experienced the inexplicable This cynical attitude simply serves to coerce most legitimate eyewitnesses into silence; only quacks speak out. As a result, of course, society’s prejudice is simply reinforced. At least Catholics believe in miracles, although sometimes more in theory than in their day-to-day lives.The word “miracle”…… Continue reading Accepting Miracles: Embracing Mystery

Miracles can Happen

Some people scoff, others think that miracles are relegated to biblical times but others have experienced inexplicable events that can only be called miraculous. Sometimes God snags a sceptic with a powerful surprise physical healing. This blows up the poor guys world view and suddenly he realizes that there actually is a God who loves…… Continue reading Miracles can Happen