Worth Revisiting: The Desert in My Heart

I have lingered in my own, inner desert Clinging to dried up habits. This dry soil has been my home. I saw little growth or change. Yet I yearned for the rain of Mercy To soak the hard crust of fear, To awaken my writers soul. The seeds of thought germinate. Assimilated emotions, reflections, Connected quotes…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: The Desert in My Heart

7QT Friday: Birth

My daughter-in-law is in labour for their first child as I write this. The doctor who has delivered three other grandchildren delivered four of my kids! Where other doctors might give up hospital duty first and keep a cushy office practice, this doctor let all of his regular patients go and kept the obstetrical part of his practice because…… Continue reading 7QT Friday: Birth

My Vocation is Evolving

    When I was upset and panicking as I worried whether I was pregnant with my Fifth child or not, a wave of peace came over me and I heard a gentle whisper within : Thus began an unexpected life where I discovered fulfilment and joy mothering nine children on a hobby farm. My children…… Continue reading My Vocation is Evolving

It’s True. It Is Really True!!

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! On this Easter Monday I am… Grateful For New Life Spring Sunshine I am grateful for life in the Spirit, an ever renewing life that is constantly growing and changing. As long as I relax and say yes to God, His Spirit sinks deeper…… Continue reading It’s True. It Is Really True!!