In Death, St. Padre Pio Looks …. Alive

Padre Pio was a stigmatic for fifty years. Not only that, his spiritual presence could be sensed with a smell of perfume, he could bilocate, prophecy, read souls, and cure miraculously. People are still being cured through his intercession in ways that cannot be explained by medicine or science. More important, if less spectacular, are…… Continue reading In Death, St. Padre Pio Looks …. Alive

St. Padre Pio Looks Amazing

It was Padre Pio da Pietrelcina’s feast day, yesterday, September 23. 40 years after his death, Padre Pio looks like this.  A Capuchin priest from San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, Padre Pio bore the wounds of Christ for fifty years. Among his other gifts were perfume, bilocation, prophecy, conversion, reading of souls, and miraculous cures. People…… Continue reading St. Padre Pio Looks Amazing