A Physical Healing? Really?

It was a conference for Sunday School teachers. The crowd consisted of down-to-earth housewives, mothers, even some older, benevolent grandmotherly types. Lots of nice, well-meaning women attending, simply trying to fill a need at their church. Most were mothers who wanted to be involved in teaching the faith to their kids. My friend and I…… Continue reading A Physical Healing? Really?

Surprised By Three Miracles

Modern, educated folk tend to dismiss the miraculous, preferring to believe science will eventually provide a plausible explanation for the inexplicable. For the cynical, only the ignorant or gullible set out on desperate pilgrimages seeking cures or chase after Charismatic signs. Many Protestants think miracles were only for the age of dispensation of grace; for…… Continue reading Surprised By Three Miracles

Worth Revisiting: A Physical Healing? Really?

Can God heal an unsuspecting Catholic? Melanie and a friend were the only Catholics at a non-denominational conference for Sunday School teachers. Melanie was prayed with for her crooked spine. Her legs become the same length and she could stand straight. It was not until weeks later when a chiropractor was struck dumb and Melanie’s agnostic mother…… Continue reading Worth Revisiting: A Physical Healing? Really?