Man-Made Spirituality versus Communion With God

Attendance at Mass, regular confession, spiritual exercises, fasting, and prayer are wonderful vehicles of grace but if we think pious activities alone will sanctify us, we will only appear holy on the outside like the Pharisees: Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites. You are like whitewashed tombs, which appear beautiful on the outside,…… Continue reading Man-Made Spirituality versus Communion With God

When I Pray, I Never Have to Say Goodbye

I am not just reciting theology when I remind you there is neither time nor distance when we live and move and breathe in the Spirit. When someone dies or moves far away, I don’t have to say goodbye just whisper hello, a different kind of hello which moves with the speed of light to…… Continue reading When I Pray, I Never Have to Say Goodbye

God Saved Me From Myself

Christian spirituality, inner transformation, and contemplation are not at all what I first imagined them to be. I initially began the inner journey striving, depending on my discipline and willpower. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN, l failed miserably. Striving to transform spiritually into a person of Love and Light is sort of like an ant straining and trying to…… Continue reading God Saved Me From Myself

Mystical Union Is Not a Fairytale — It’s Child’s Play

Twenty-five years ago, my husband discovered a book at a Trappist monastery which questioned my basic premise about the nature of reality, rekindled joy in my drooping spirit then challenged me to change and to live in mystical union with Christ.  Although many Carmelites might not recommend this book as a valid description of pure…… Continue reading Mystical Union Is Not a Fairytale — It’s Child’s Play

Pope Francis: Family Prayer

Prayer must be rooted in love. For his 100th general audience,Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the family by considering family prayer. In his opening statements, the pope pointed out that most people find it difficult to find time to pray. Pope Francis teaches that love of God, not guilt will inspire us to pray.…… Continue reading Pope Francis: Family Prayer