Vote For Me

It’s time to vote for the 2013 Frankie Award! Don’t forget to invite you readers (and friends and family, and fan club) to visit this page and vote for you. Feel free to copy the badge above and link back here from your blog. My post is Mary is Living in my Heart? Help! by Melanie Jean…… Continue reading Vote For Me

Mary is Living in my Heart? Help!

What would be the absolute worst thing that could happen to a nice Protestant girl? Why Mary, the Blessed Virgin, would do a little interior house cleaning, then make a home for herself in the poor girl’s heart, that’s what! If that was not bad enough, this perplexed young woman’s belief system would stay staunchly anti-Catholic…… Continue reading Mary is Living in my Heart? Help!

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

On Monday’s we have a link up party, Catholic Woman’s Almanac or {CWA} for short. This is day book or an online journal blog post…Catholic Woman Style. ::Moments of Gratitude:  God is so patient, constant and true that the thought brings tears to my eyes. ::Pondering:  My youngest turns 18 today, an adult! Well actually people do not…… Continue reading Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

Writing- Before I discovered Catholic Sites, I posted on secular sites and on one Protestant site. The moderator was open and loving but I felt I had to hide my Catholicism. When it slipped out I was immediately questioned. God had His own agenda and through the moderator, forgiveness and unity has begun. Of course they have…… Continue reading Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}