7 QT Friday: Images of Mary for Every Culture

I went on an image search binge this week, unearthing countless images of Mary on and from Pinterest.  I collected an eclectic mixture with everything from obscure fine art, modern abstracts, old icons, stained glass, statues and even ethnic and folk art.  This is a treasure trove of images, a literal feast  for the visual senses, food for…… Continue reading 7 QT Friday: Images of Mary for Every Culture

7QT Friday: Author and Journalist?

7 Quick Takes Friday, “What day is it again?” edition This week has changed me. God has blessed me through other writers and authors by promoting and encouraging my writing and by finally setting me on the right track for the book I am to write. All of a sudden something clicked inside of me. It…… Continue reading 7QT Friday: Author and Journalist?