Saint> Sinner=The Teeter-Totter of Life

 At first glance, the relationship looks bleak. Victoria, with low self-esteem and a victim complex, is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Louie, her husband does love her but he is a miserable man, struggling with cancer and the progression of M.S. In an attempt to dull the effects of depression, Louie drinks. In addition, he…… Continue reading Saint> Sinner=The Teeter-Totter of Life

Small Success Thursday: What is Success?

Every Thursday, we stop to recognize all the moments where we’ve allowed ourselves to cooperate with God’s grace, and all the moments we recognize when God’s grace poured forth even without our willing cooperation. As I thought about which  3 small successes I would write about this week , the question arose in my mind,…… Continue reading Small Success Thursday: What is Success?


Forgive, love others.. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.                                                              The Lord’s prayer…… Continue reading Forgiveness

7QT Friday: A Birth and an Ultrasound

This last 4 weeks have brought the wedding of our fifth child, a daughter, our ninth started university and now this week our third grandchild made a peaceful début upon the stage of life and an unborn grandchild caused his parents to celebrate, Life continues to change and evolve. New life equals joy, a joy…… Continue reading 7QT Friday: A Birth and an Ultrasound

Your Story Will Inspire Faith and Love

One billion. What could you do with one billion of something? Of anything? Partners of the Heart (POTH) wants to collect this many happy stories and share them with the world! Look around you, in your home, at your neighbors and friends, and on your block. Is there a happy story?This is what you do…… Continue reading Your Story Will Inspire Faith and Love

Catholic Woman’s Almanac: Weddings

 {CWA}: Creating with God I finished crocheting all 4  shawls for my niece’s wedding.  My daughter is the maid-of- honour, the first woman on the left. The shawls turned out even better than I hoped,  since I was making the pattern up as I went along, unravelling rows upon rows of stitches. I must have…… Continue reading Catholic Woman’s Almanac: Weddings

The Teeter-Totter Syndrome

When one partner is down, the other pops up, balancing their relationship. Women, especially women of faith who are serious about growing in faith and holiness often fall into a trap. The trap of looking like the good partner in their marriage, praying for their errant husband, suffering like saintly martyrs. I know because it…… Continue reading The Teeter-Totter Syndrome