CATHOLIC WOMAN’S ALMANAC at Suscpio with Jenny Thankful : God made a home in my heart for Mary while I had a Protestant mind. I was completely appalled at the thought of “worshipping Mary”.  Too funny, terribly confusing. My walk with God has been a continual story of having the rug ripped from under my feet, FORCING…… Continue reading CATHOLIC WOMAN’S ALMANAC{CWA}

Daily Prompt: Polite Company- Balderdash!

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree As a child and young adult, my parents taught me that polite people avoid all discussions that involve politics or religion. Most people are passionate about both subjects and discussions often become heated.  A well brought up person…… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Polite Company- Balderdash!

Whispers in the Dark

Light always dispels darkness because darkness is simply the absence of light.                                                                                      …… Continue reading Whispers in the Dark

The Call

I was frantic. Was I pregnant yet again?     Then,    The unexpected.    A blanket of peace    Wrapped around me.    Suddenly,    Joy, Light, Laughter Within. I heard words In my heart; ”This is you call. This is your vocation. This is your witness to the world. “ Confusion. ”People don’t…… Continue reading The Call

Moments of Grace

Joyful tears of gratitude for my children; they are  signs of the mercy and grace of God. I am in the springtime of a new life. A life where I am actually alone at times for the first time in 32 years. This week my husband was on a hunting trip (he only shoots what…… Continue reading Moments of Grace

Build My Church

Words whispered in my heart. You think that you are building my Church With all your hectic activity. You are hindering my work. All I want, All I need, Is for you to Come and stand At the foot of my Son’s Cross. Let the fire of His Love Pierce your Heart, Transforming you into…… Continue reading Build My Church

Spiritual Freedom

A sunrise. The light of truth dispels the darkness of confusion. Many traditionalists believe that church culture is the same as basic tenets of the faith. Challenging custom is then synonymous with challenging the faith. They are always right. As jean Vanier ( founder of L’Arche) once said, “You can be right. You can be dead right…… Continue reading Spiritual Freedom