3 Truths for my Children Featured on Snoring Scholar

My article, 3 Truths for my Children is featured on Mom to Mom on Snoring Scholar by Sarah Reinhard A great guest post from +Melanie Jean Juneau over at my place today. 3 Truths for My Children {Mom to Mom} – SnoringScholar.com http://snoringscholar.com/2013/10/3-truths-children-mom-mom/ 1  

CatholicMom ‘s Sarah Reinhard Interviewed Me

  Who Me? How ironic is this? This computer illiterate was interviewed for a column called Tech talk! Catholic Blogger Melanie Jean Juneau By Sarah Reinhard Our Catholic Blogger today, Melanie Jean Juneau, maintains two blogs: Joy of Nine9 andMother of Nine9. She’s a Catholic wife and mother who lives on a hobby farm and whose computer…… Continue reading CatholicMom ‘s Sarah Reinhard Interviewed Me