How to Survive Teen Drama

Teenagers I am living proof that it is possible to actually enjoy those annoying, hormonal, child/adult hybrids who have taken your phone, tv., computer and fridge hostage. One of my sons, in his early teens, had just announced that he could not stand living under our roof another minute, “I’m out of here!”, he bellowed,…… Continue reading How to Survive Teen Drama

Why are so Many Believers so Dour?

Often the most dedicated Christians are rather dour.  The only thing that I can come up with is that we take ourselves too seriously, centering on our own  disciplines of fasting, prayer, reading, etc  and not on God’s work in us. In other words, we can all slip into an egocentric spirituality and not a God centered spirituality. Unknowingly, we become the…… Continue reading Why are so Many Believers so Dour?