Keep It Simple

Jesus, the Son of God, kept things simple by explaining complex spiritual truths in parables and stories which even illiterate fishermen and children could understand. The Almighty spoke and interacted with people on their level. People with a worldly mindset often thought Jesus spoke in riddles but those whose hearts and spirits were open understood the gist.…… Continue reading Keep It Simple

‘Tis The Gift To Be Simple

Until we stop railing against our powerlessness, we will never be happy. Only the truth sets us free. Only living in the present moment will we find the peace and joy we crave. Yet even once we realize this truth it seems almost impossible to let go and trust in God. For example, every time…… Continue reading ‘Tis The Gift To Be Simple

St. Thérèse: My Soul Mate

In her short life – she was only twenty-four when she died – St. Thérèse of Lisieux discovered profound truths, truths that I have stumbled on as well. Thérèse is my soul mate, perhaps the soul mate of many mothers. “Everything is a grace. Everything is the direct effect of our Father’s love – difficulties, contradictions,…… Continue reading St. Thérèse: My Soul Mate

Pope Francis’s Witness Symbolized in an Image

Seven differences that Pope Francis has made  in one public  appearance are in keeping with this man’s lifestyle. This image is also a visual symbol for this pope’s message to the world. Pope Francis has a special vocation to witness to social issues. this is not to demean Pope Benedict , who taught with deep wisdom;…… Continue reading Pope Francis’s Witness Symbolized in an Image

Sabbath Moments: Resting not Striving

  Welcome to Colleen’s Saturday meme. God reminds me yet again to rest. Resting in God means that I stop striving, stop my earnest efforts to become holy. Resting means giving up control. Resting is simply relaxing in His presence as I allow the Holy Spirit to transform me. I live in time. I am…… Continue reading Sabbath Moments: Resting not Striving

St. Thérèse of Lisieux and Mums

I have recently discovered that my spirituality is very similar to that of St. Thérèse the Little Flower probably because I have lived with children under the age of 18 for 33 years.  I think that many mothers can relate to this saint as well. She lived the little way like all people who are not rich and…… Continue reading St. Thérèse of Lisieux and Mums

A Whispered Hello

Our whispered hello to God and each other is called prayer. I am not just reciting theology when I remind you that there is neither time nor distance when we live and move and breath in the Spirit. When someone dies or moves far away, I don’t have to say good-bye just whisper hello, a…… Continue reading A Whispered Hello

7 Quick Take Fridays

It’s Friday and time to join up with other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday. Some musings on family and simplicity  Today we are attending a wedding for a niece, with one of my daughters standing up for her as her maid of honour. Michael has eight siblings , 36 nieces…… Continue reading 7 Quick Take Fridays