Consecrated to God: A Life of Paradoxes

I am thrilled to discover that it is Catholic Sister’s Week  from March 8 to the 15th because I have hundreds of startling images of Catholic Nuns on Pinterest that I have waited to post on my blog. I already snuck a few of my favorites in other articles but today I present a sweeping…… Continue reading Consecrated to God: A Life of Paradoxes

Joyful Vocations

The convent, monastery, or active consecrated life are other, often overlooked choices for women today. In fact, it is important to acknowledge that the first feminists were definitely nuns. Have you read some of the female saints? They are often  strong, outspoken, witty and hilarious, hardly  docile, meek, wall flowers or a clinging vines. No,…… Continue reading Joyful Vocations