God Saved Me From Myself

Christian spirituality, inner transformation, and contemplation are not at all what I first imagined them to be. I initially began the inner journey striving, depending on my discipline and willpower. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN, l failed miserably. Striving to transform spiritually into a person of Love and Light is sort of like an ant straining and trying to…… Continue reading God Saved Me From Myself

‘Tis The Gift To Be Simple

Until we stop railing against our powerlessness, we will never be happy. Only the truth sets us free. Only living in the present moment will we find the peace and joy we crave. Yet even once we realize this truth it seems almost impossible to let go and trust in God. For example, every time…… Continue reading ‘Tis The Gift To Be Simple

7QT: Are You an Octopus Parent?

7 Quick Takes Friday with Jenny at Conversion Diary  A major pitfall facing all committed Christian mothers, especially a home school mum is letting go of control of our children’s spirituality and inner healing so that Christ has a chance to save, heal, and sanctify them. Over zealous mothers get in God’s way. Trust me.…… Continue reading 7QT: Are You an Octopus Parent?