January 1: Mary, Mother of God

Today we honour Blessed Mary Ever-Virgin, Most Holy Mother of God because she is the True Theotokos – God Bearer – Dei Genitrix.Let us pray As we begin this New Year let us accompany the Mother of God in following her Son. Let us fall deeper in love with our Saviour. Today, on this Solemnity of…… Continue reading January 1: Mary, Mother of God

The Face of Mary?

 Apparently this painting of Mary, with  a deep look in her eyes, is a forensic artist’s rendering of  the Virgin Mary  based on the image of our Lord on the Shroud of Turin, in combination with a painting by William-Adolphe_Bouguereau.  Maria (accurate face matching the Shroud of Turin)by JulienLasbleiz Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Illustrations / Technical©2011-2013 JulienLasbleiz This is a “Tribute…… Continue reading The Face of Mary?