Yongsung Kim: Powerful, Evocative Art

spiritually powerful art “This art work by Yongsung Kim is remarkable! I can see his faith transmitted onto canvas through his delicate brush strokes and selective views of Christ and His life among us. Thank you for find this and sharing it Melanie Jean Juneau. God bless you!” Mary FredalKing of love / oil on…… Continue reading Yongsung Kim: Powerful, Evocative Art

Finding the Name of the REAL Artist

This stunning painting has garnered many inquiries. I stumbled on it on Pinterest  where it was entitled ” What Jesus Did for Me” by  Yongkim Kim. Many people, churches and websites asked how to contact the artist but I couldn’t discover anything. However a diligent reader called Amanda discovered the artist’s true identity, Yongsung Kim. To…… Continue reading Finding the Name of the REAL Artist