Mary Through The Eyes of The Orient

Illustrating the Spread of Christianity through ancient and modern images of Mary in China and Japan. Though the delicate watercolor of a Madonna and Child is among oldest visual evidences of Christianity in the Far East, the museum had prosaically dubbed it "catalog number 116027." For decades, it sat in a dimly lit case, cracked… Continue reading Mary Through The Eyes of The Orient

Inspiring Masterpieces Celebrate The Presentation of Jesus

The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple(Luke 2:22- 40)-February 2 the young-the old observance-prophecy + Pope Francis said the Presentation is “a meeting between the young full of joy in observing the Law of the Lord and the elderly full of joy by the action of the Holy Spirit.” “It is a singular meeting between observance and prophecy,” … Continue reading Inspiring Masterpieces Celebrate The Presentation of Jesus

The Right to Life

Euthanasia? Abortion? Pro-Choice? Words that are bantered about daily debated argued lobbied petitioned without a connection to reality, to real flesh and blood people. This photo illustrates the reality of life. The circle of life The right to complete our circle of life in God's will in His timing Is it a miracle that this tiny baby and this elderly, hospitalized man… Continue reading The Right to Life

Nine Kids= A Magical Christmas

Christmas for our large family was magical It was still dark outside, way too early for my husband and I; we had worked on Christmas Eve set up till 2:00 am. We couldn't even pry our eyes open but we were smiling with contentment as we listened to the excited whispers and giggles of the… Continue reading Nine Kids= A Magical Christmas

Prayer Poem

                                                                                                             … Continue reading Prayer Poem

7 Quick Takes Friday

My name is Melanie JEAN Juneau on the web because there happens to be a Melanie Birthing Centre in Juneau, Alaska!! Google finds this similarity much too confusing, so it is Melanie Jean Juneau, which makes me seem like a southern belle. In reality, I am a tiny but hardy Canadian.   2. I have raised 9 children on… Continue reading 7 Quick Takes Friday